::HH:: @ C88 More Fab Florals !

Florals !

This weekend has been a bloody mary brunch lazy and laid back weekend at my house, totally enjoyed and needed. This coming week sees the end of our school year so there is a ton of excitement planning for summer fun.

Reading the fashion blogs though! I snapped this sexy lingerie from Blacklace soon after it arrived in my mailbox but only had time to to do a slap/dash to my flickr with its marketplace addy.

I am totally loving the bight colors and florals the designers are giving us and I have some more to show later in the week.

Blacklace Flirt on the mktplace, for TGIF ! This floral fabric has 6 different print options on a HUD. Sizes Include: Maitreya Lara, Slink Physique/Hourglass. Belleza Venus/Iris/Freya and Standard Sizing.

-Desmonia- Yadira Hair Fatpack

CATWA HEAD Gwen v4.9Fixed [Upgradable]
-Belleza- Freya V2.01
-Belleza- Isabelle Sunkissed

LumaLite HUD

Now it’s called vlogging !

Seems like a lifetime ago my partner and I used to shoot a lot of weddings together until RL began to take back its time, but when we were just hanging around I suggested we do some fashion shooting….. so we did !  (more…)

Enchantment May 13th to the 31st

Catching Up and Updating

I’ve been trying to sort out links on my blog and I decided to add some new ones. I spent yesterday looking through blogs for men. The choices used to be so poor, there just were not a ton of male bloggers or good male fashion if we are honest BUT things are changing 🙂 . I chose a few that I found that seem to regularly post. BUT if you are a male blogger or know a male blogger send them over I’m happy to link them too. Look for the category called Sharp Dressed Men.

I’m still updating and adding and removing dead links or changed links. If you would like to trade links leave a comment on the post.

While I was working on my blog I decided I am so tired of looking at myself lol that I would like to blog with friends, if you are interested, let me know , either in comments , or in world IM/notecard and lets see what we can come up with! Your blog or mine 🙂 . I usually do fashion but I’m open to blogging other things as well. Props, poses, decor, anything moderately rated so we don’t get tossed from any feeds we happen to be on.





Happy Anniversary FaMESHed !

I think FaMESHed was actually one of the very 1st *SL Events* of its kind that I ever went too . It has an awesome new build and of course some of SL’s top designers are there. If you are a member of the FaMESHed group there are some anniversary gifts out as well.

Now you know Rebel Hope Designs is one of my absolute favorite fashion designers, as a matter of fact I joked with her recently that I maybe the RHD poster child! I think I started blogging for her in 08 or maybe 09. I’d have to look in the way back archives to know for sure. 🙂

Shes brought new bathing suits to FaMESHed so I know now it is officially summer time !  (more…)

Uber takes over the Hamptons

…..and there are some great things to grab over there! Be sure to get over before the 23rd of May.


Here are some of my favs from there.

This hat has a visor on it. Sadly it leaves a gap in the hat and can not be raised and lowered. It’s there and that’s that. I was not going to blog it because it just felt strange but I liked the hat otherwise. I asked in blogger group and this opinion was shared , this was not clear on the vendor picture.


-David Heather-Sinclair Sunhat/Orange @ Uber

::HH:: Hucci Jacmel Pump – LushFloral (Belleza) GIFT

::HH:: Hucci Foshan Top – Red (Freya) @ Uber

::HH:: Hucci RaeLake Skirt – Red (Freya) @ Uber

Frozen – Urban Coffee Poses Past Tres Chic event (March)

Lighting by LumaLite HUD 

Happy shopping !

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