My Fav Tres Chic Find



Kazumi Outfit @ Trés Chic
Fitted for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink
Jacket/ top, Pants/heels


See All Of You Next Week !

Stuff n such and 💩

Let’s begin with Stuff because it’s just more fun and interesting. I loaded a photo to my Flickr the other day where I used only Shadows and the LumaLite HUD. I really love how it turned out and I want to share it with all of you.

For Someone Special

The HUD is really easy to use and I can drop poses in even on the fly and set the lights I want in just a few clicks. I can use spotlights as well and lock my eyes into position so they stop wandering around the room. It’s a basic no fuss no muss easy to use photo tool. 🎬 Often the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow!” is a few easy steps and LumaLite provides that and more!
Giving you basic light positions for Key light and Fill light as well as color control and unlimited positional projector light. Control intensity, radius and falloff as well.

Lighting by Lumalite HUD

Now, let’s talk about the and such and b.s ….. for those of you who know me then you will know I try really hard to be as drama free as possible. I hate it and I do truly hate it. I really want to just log into SL chat to friends, take some photos and enjoy what small amount of play time and relax from RL as I can. I spend hours running down rabbit holes of Flickr and YouTube. Try it sometime Flickr is really the best escape you can find, there are some amazing Flickr artist out there from SL !  I believe strongly in *SL* branding, staying true to your brand and hard work as well as your brand history. Yes, even in SL you are creating your Avatar/Brand history and it speaks volumes about, to me,  about how you conduct yourself offline in business. That said, I recently had to make a sad decision about places I have a history with, some since the almost beginning of their SL Brand/History, Histories I believed strongly in. I have had to delete those histories from as many places as I possibly could because some Avatars/People could not leave well enough alone. 😞 I hated doing it but we can’t always get what we want. I’m not going to name names or mention brands, but I do watch my blog , to see what people are reading/searching for and I will say the repeat links that get the most hits are so old I had forgotten most of them and are certainly not relevant to anything I’ve blogged on this blog for the last 2 years. Certainly what I’ve blogged this past year is more important these days than those old posts ! So for those who read or snoop lol you will soon have to make new searches for my blog, choose new articles to log/land into this blog because most of those old histories are now deleted. More will be deleted soon. 😞 Time for new days for me 🙂 .

Now to move on , have you been over here. It’s MBA’s Mesh body discussion board. There is not a lot on it at the moment but I think this would be such a helpful tool for all of us with questions, tips, helps, ideas in general. A one stop discussion we can all be part of about our favorite meshes and maybe a place where designers will pop into now and then to see what is on the minds of their consumers. I posted over there today about my frustration over the long wait for Belleza to give us bento hands, I mean they are really falling behind the curve and I have held out purchasing other bento hands. At some point, even in SL you have to call enough on spending! I can go without the bento hands of course but when you spend as much as we do on these bento bodies/heads and skins to skin them ad infinitum. Not to mention the cost of some of the HUDs you need to do that and emotions blah blah, really.


Rebel Hope Designs @ 4MESH

So,guess what I didn’t know , I had no idea that 4MESH was formerly MBA. SMH and I read that blog even. I likely did read about the rename/brand and got busy (or blinked) !  4Mesh is replacing MBA Bi-monthly, and features 4 rooms with 4 categories: Bento, Roleplay/Fantasy, Heads/Body & Fitmesh Fashion! Opens every second month on the 12th.

RHD made this low low waisted mini for this round and I love it because, well obviously we know she’s one of my go to designers BUT it shows off my belly tat perfectly and did I mention it’s sexy and of course in the color range HUD WITH bonus colors in her Rebel Pack.

Lala skirt is offered in 10 colors. A Rebel Pack is offered with all 10 colors and 4 bonus colors at a 50% discount off regular price. This skirt will include a hud to change the stitching colors to 10 options, 4 metal options and two panty color options, as well as an option to shut the panties off. Lala was created to fit the following mesh bodies.

~Maitreya Lara

~Slink Physique and Hourglass

~Belleza Venus, Freya and Isis

BTW , you can grab these boots by RHD at the current FaMESHed event!

ALSO showing:😘

.::Nanika::. Vivien tattoo White -Belleza-
::HH:: Hucci Jericho Top – Field (Freya)
!Rebel Hope – Ellen Mesh Thigh High Boots_Freya @ FaMESHed
!Rebel Hope – Lala Mesh Micro Skirt_Freya @ 4MESH

Daddy’s Babygirl Tattoo by Dirty Secrets on Mktplace 


Shopping bags and pose old gift from Juicy.

Lighting by Lumalite HUD


I’m so glad it’s the weekend 🧘‍♀️. It means laying around doing nothing ! The new release from Rebel Hope Designs is perfect for that.

I so love this Rina shirt dress , she brings it to us in fades and patterns and if you grab the Rebel Pack you get 4 bonus colors! It also comes with panty on/off.


👢 The Ellen boots match the shirt dresses and both of these are fitted for your most popular Mesh bodies. These are only available at FaMeshed November round.

/runs my finger thu the iced cake thinking about what else to share today….💭

Oh! my experience with  Blogotex . 

When I first heard about this I thought what a great thing to have for designers that have  huge blogger groups. It would have to make life easy for both the designer , blog managers and bloggers. I was right! I only blog for one designer currently using it but it is very easy and convenient for me as a blogger. I can tp to the store slap the sign , it auto logs me in and I can see what’s new to blog, what I have blogged, deadlines for posts and photos of the the things available to post and tap the items and have them delivered to my inventory. Once I have published the posts for the items I choose I notify the designer by tp’ing back to the store tapping the sign and dropping the links. I can also see on the dashboard other designers looking for bloggers, messages from the designer I blog for. SO yes , convenient and easy. ❤️

Also showing :

Mayfly – Luminous – Mesh Eyes

P.C; Spring Multi-Stone Ring

{ViSion} – Cristal Choker – Belleza

!Rebel Hope – Ellen Mesh Thigh High Boots_Freya @ FaMESHed

!Rebel Hope – Rina Mesh Shirt Dress_Freya  @ FaMESHed

-Desmonia- Candee Hair GROUP GIFT

Avaway Gold_Jennifer Jewelry

Lighting by LumaLite HUD


Tonight’s the Night 🎃

Happy Halloween ! 😨

So I’ve posted 2 looks for Halloween and this is my last one ! This not really meant to be a Halloween Costume but it could be depending on your style/taste. It’s actually a new release from Desmonia.

-Desmonia- Amy Sweater & Skirt Set Fatpack and -Desmonia- Amy v2 Hair Fatpack. Pick them up in world or on Mktplace. The sweater and skirt come with 7 colors/patterns HUD. You must purchase the Amy v2 Hair to get the knit Barbie cap. The colors do co ordinate with the skirt and sweater.

The Barbie could be perfect for Halloween Parties , I mean think about it for a minute, Barbie has been around since 1958 and has been EVERYTHING !

•]••★•» [мaιnѕтore] «•★••[•

•]••★•» [мarĸeтplace] «•★••[•…

•]••★•» [ғaceвooĸ] «•★••[•

The Bride and The Fox

Meet my Maid of Honor, The Gypsy Witch. Come by and let her read her glass ball for you! She is currently showing at Gotham Island . She’s there helping to raise money for The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

Frights and delights await you at the Gotham Event. Spooky Attractions & Carnival Rides with surprises at every turn! Over 75 Fashion & Home/Garden creators offering exclusive designs and hunt prizes, raffles and auctions. Live performers and DJs for your dancing delight. Team Fox to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. October 1- 31.

So go! Shop, dance, hunt and donate! 100% goes to the foundation.

Gotham Island Press Release II


***ArisArisB&W~Alus27~Malign Halloween Outfit~Horns

*JB* Venom Gown – White – Freya Fit

:::Sn@tch Legion Earring (LF):::

:::Sn@tch Legion Necklace:::

Asteria “Vanessa” [Belleza Freya] Arm Straps – Ivory

Eolande’s Dancing Spider (black) (Store closed)

LumaLite  (v3.0) WEAR ME

Paper Heart – Bride of Frankenstein

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