CHARMERIZE The Salon Event

Be sure to grab your discount code from this post !!

CHARMERIZE Pinki Luv (Reborn)

Get 10% off any item at Charmerize mainstore by using my code: CHARMCOLLE

Charmerize + The Salon Event, Feb 13th – 28th, 2023. Get this Valentine Theme Inspired EXCLUSIVE!!

Charmerize products now offer Coupon Codes. When you stumble upon a Charm Blogger’s post, look for a Coupon Code that they’ll include in the details. Currently, these Coupon Codes provide you with a 10% discount on any product you plan to purchase in the store.

Here’s how it works:

1. While in the Charmerize store, look for a Pink Price Tag

2. Click on the Pink Price Tag first, a window would appear, and enter Coupon Code or copy & paste. (Remember coupon codes are NOT Case Sensitive). Click ‘Submit’. CODE is CHARMCOLLE

3. You’ll have 10 minutes to purchase your item by paying the Normal Price

4. You will be credited in the amount of the coupon discount and can save credits to purchase other items If you’re a ‘Charmer’ Group Member (activate your tag): 1. Follow the same steps 1 & 2, as a regular customer 2. Instead you would pay the designated ‘Group Price’ and will receive your Group Discount, then a Coupon Discount on your group price 3. You will be credited in the amount of the coupon discount and can save credits to purchase other items.

Pinki Luv Coffin Nails, are Exclusively at The Salon Event. From Feb 13th – 28th, 2023

If you have a coupon code from one of our lovely bloggers, receive a 10% discount, only at the mainstore.

🚕 Your Taxi Awaits: The Salon Event

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