sass Boutique @ We <3 Role-Play

We ❤ Role-Play is a monthly shopping event catering mainly, but NOT solely, to role-players.

Event Opening Date: February 04, 2022
Event Closing Date: February 28, 2022

We Love Roleplay Event Page
Teleport to We Love Roleplay

sass viking booties. And a free group gift for We Love RP event for men and women, just a little leather bracelet

Sass / S4M / Sass HD

The Sass brand has been in Second Life since 2014 and was created by Sass Piggins (formally MissSassySarah). Sass is an artist by trade and formally trained graphic designer, creating what inspires her, which usually includes the bold and unique products you find today in one of her shops.

The Sass brand concentrates in the women’s clothing market, but is evolving to a more original mesh creation process with more accessories and shoes (as Sass learns the ins and outs of the rigging process.)

Sass HD was created to keep the Sass name, but to give Sass a place for her “other” creations, as modeling in 3D software has become a passion.

S4M, a new addition to the Sass brand, stands for Sass for Men. This was at the request of many of Sass followers, wanting to see some new and different design options for men.

As you can see, there’s something for everyone. Have a request? Drop a notecard to Sass Piggins anytime, and she’ll be happy to read it and even entertain your idea as her next creation.

Questions or anything else, you can drop a nc to Sass in-world or send a message via Discord.


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