Weekend Shopping

Need something classy for the office or interview , or do you just want some classy and elegance for the day? THIS is that look! I grabbed the bag and food while I was there shopping and join the group AND there is also an ADVENT Calendar. Don’t forget to grab the boots too also on sale. Check out this beautiful choker as well.

VeM Back At It Level 99
VeM Back At It Jacket and Catsuit are materials enabled and available in 15 individual colours or as a fatpack. The jacket comes with a colour HUD with 15 choices for the belt and trim and 5 choices for metals. The Catsuit has a HUD with 15 choices for the belt and 5 metal choices.

The jackets and catsuits are rigged for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, and Reborn.

All colours are viewable in the demo. Try the demo before buying.

Socials and LMs

Versois et Mailloux Mainstore

Versois et Mailloux Instagram

Versois et Mailloux Flickr Group

Versois et Mailloux Facebook

 Linktree: linktr.ee/Versois.et.Mailloux


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