Don’t Forget

Santa stopped at the Posh Event too!!!

Posh Event is a collaboration of designers that bring the most up to date items, including clothing, furniture, shapes, skins, animations, and more! It is a monthly event that runs from the 1st to the 23rd of each month. For more info, visit:


{Le’La} Natala Santa’s

[ Mainstore]
[ MP Link]
[ FP MP Link]
[secondlife:///app/group/cbce3309-d5ba-7ab2-3ef9-76126b61c741/about MLM Free &Offers]

Amara Shape Reborn @ Posh Event

Deep Winter Makeup Kit by NuNu-Lel/EVOX [ADD2APPLY] Christmas Reindeer Animated Tattoo @Posh Event

[7DS] – BODY 2020 KORAAL bom skin PINEAPPLE browless


{Le’La} Natala Santa’s Reborn
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Bows Reborn
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Corset Reborn
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Panties Reborn
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Earring Right
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Earring Left
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Heels Reborn
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Antlers Head Piece
{Le’La} Santa’s Xmas Cape Reborn

Amara Shape Reborn
Amara Brow shape

CHARMERIZE: Hollydai (Reborn)

Izzie’s – Abdominal Muscles 10

/ HEAD / lel EvoX LILLY 3.1
REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4

Fierce Belly TaTToo 100% [CAROL G]


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