TRS Night Out Corset Dress includes jacket. Stunning.

The Rubber Smith is a new creative outlet for completely original accessories and attire specifically for the latex, rubber and PVC lovers. The Rubber Smith provides also logo design and 3D production.

Located at Encased Desires, partnered with The Rubber Maiden, our unique designs are on show for you to inspect.

Please contact me if you have any issues with products either direct, through discord group or SL group 😀

TRS Members Group is here: The Rubber Smith

[SP] Peach


 The Grand x Dream Day aka PEACH DAY event on December 6 will be the biggest body release event that anyone has ever heard of, this has NEVER happened before. Peach will be taking the center stage on sale with plenty of clothing from your favorite designers. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart and i cant wait to see you all there, stay PEACHY! Join Our Discord of over 1,000 members!


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