The Fay skin by LOA

I love this skin SO much, I don’t want to take it off !

The Fay skin for Lelutka EVO X and AK ADVX will be available in 21 different skintones, (8 Löa tones, 8 Ipanema/Venus by Velour, and 5 Fantasy by Velour). Every pack includes 4 versions of the skin (browless and freckled among them), EVO X ears, 3 blushes and shape for Briannon . secondlife://NYMPHAI/164/60/3512

Event Opening Date: August 13, 2022
Event Closing Date: August 31, 2022 . Facebook

::Loa:: Inithium Body Skin (Band) ~Shine~
::Loa:: Blush for eyes ~LeLutka EVO X~ (TINT) [BOM]
::Loa:: Fay Shape for Lelutka Briannon 3.1 & Ebody Reborn
::Loa:: Ears Texture ~Dracula~ by VELOUR~ (Add)
::Loa:: Blush for cheeks ~LeLutka EVO X~ (TINT) [BOM]
::Loa:: Blush for nose ~LeLutka EVO X~ (TINT) [BOM]
::Loa:: Fay Skin ~LeL EVO X / VELOUR~ (dracula) NB

VELOUR: Ipanema Body Cleavage for Kupra – Sweety (Dracula)
VELOUR: Ipanema Body for Kupra – Slim (Dracula) TATTOO .

Aphotic Gloom Mesh Eyes -(Unrigged)

Crystal Female – Hair


/ HEAD / lel EvoX BRIANNON 3.1
Marpesia Body Shine – Hard
:Dernier: “Robyn” Lipstick #4 (50% Opacity)
Banshee Earrings

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