GIFTS @ SoS Event

Event Opening Date: July 28, 2022
Event Closing Date: July 31, 2022

She. GIFT/Boots Pixel Doll Gift
BB Polianna Shape – LEGACY 4 Body Mesh Shapes

She.Skirt_Legacy SoS GIFT
She. Corset_Legacy
She.Fashion Sunglasses w resizer

[Legacy] [Pixel Doll] Ariana Boots Black Latex SoS GIFT

[7DS] – ELF EAR EVO tattoo coconut
[7DS] – BODY 2020 NOURA bom skin COCONUT browless

TRUTH / Mischief / Size 1 / Chest L PAST SPECIAL SALE @ Mainstore
TRUTH / Mischief / Bangs Short / Click to Resize

[HxH] Preme Phone – GREEN Havoc Group Gift

/ HEAD / lel EvoX LILLY 3.1

  • SHAPE Brow lel EvoX LILLY
    [BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)
    Marpesia Body Shine – Soft

Luz Arms TaTToo Color 100% [CAROL G]

DM Fabulous 80’s Earrings
DM Stacked Chain Necklace
DM Animal Tendencies Bracelets

  • BB* Polianna Shape – LEGACY SoS GIFT
    BB Highlight Contour
    BB Highlight Blush Nose Only

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