Blogging Vacay

It’s been a stressful blogging month for me, so I’m taking a 2 week blog break. I had to leave 2 creators because stress was high, their expectations became rants on how they regretted even having bloggers and in the future would be more picky. I was floored! We submit our work when applying, they choose us based on that body of work. I was not comfortable in the blogging groups and decided to leave . Then today I log in to find myself dropped from another blogging group, this time I have no idea why, just gone. I’m not even going to ask why. One group even wanted to choose what viewer you used, blackdragon or don’t bother to apply. I’m a basic blogger trying to show off their creations as best I can, not fancy photos , nothing to really detract from the creation I’m showing, basic ad really. I don’t see myself an artist I am a blogger trying to showcase the things in a best light shot. I am always willing to make changes if a creator requests it BUT I am not willing to be raged at as they did. They don’t need bloggers, regret having bloggers, well my mental well being does not need that kinda stress.

Kids go back to school in just a few days and that brings all new stresses to my RL. They are great kids and good students, I’m honored to be the Mom, but schedules will need to be adjusted as we get back into the swing of a more structured daily life. Plus I miss them ALL day!

So I am taking a 2 week break to just do me and relax. I wish you all the best experiences SL/RL while I am gone. I need to recoup some creative mindset.


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