Fresh Squeezed Erika

Natural, realistic & super versatile Mesh Body!

I’m going to take a risk here but let me say this, I have demo’d the Soapberry bewbs, not for me. I demo’d

Maze thighs, also not for me. These days I wear Erika , who also updated to squeezed thighs and squeezed bewbs . I love them! There is also a pregnancy belly. Wear your squeeze morphs small or large, today I’m wearing small morphs. The nylons are also made for the morph thighs, the garter spiked or not. The top made for the squeeze bewbs was in the box and these all come with great HUDs for customization. KALHENE won’t let you go naked, unless of course you want to 🙂 , be beautiful dressed or not. This mesh body also has mesh nipples and a nice mesh V. No tinting needed. Oh and it’s operational. (4 animations in the Main HUD) Just wear the body and hit the HUD.

Added ERIKA “Petits Seins” Mesh Body!(Flat & Small chest)- change shape breast value to 0 for flat chest or to 100 value for small breast, new penis size/shape for transgender avatars.


So, seriously let’s talk price points Take a look and then take a look at what you get with purchase. BTW 3 mesh heads to suit your unique look OR the body is compatible with others heads. I’m wearing Lelutka today. And another thing I can’t get the gloss I get with Erika with any other body and I own a few. I also wore this to SL19B , zero lag for me ! Kitted out came to 38k. What do you want to spend to be fabulous with no after market body mods? L$2,995 or upwards of L$10k or more. Choices, decisions …….

-Kalhene- ERIKA Mesh Body BoM v3.2 (Modify)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Body Physics Breast & Butt
-Kalhene- ERIKA Micro Thong (Colorable)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Cleavage Shadow Enhancer 25% (Tintable)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Breast MORPH Regular (Wear first!)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Wide Band Top (For Regular Breast Morph)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Legs MORPH Thin R (Wear first!)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Legs MORPH Thin L (Wear first!)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Mesh Body BoM [Main HUD] v3.2
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Thin Stockings High R (Thin Morph)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Thin Stockings High L (Thin Morph)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Garter L (For Thin Leg Morph only)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Squeeze Garter R (For Thin Leg Morph only)
-Kalhene- ERIKA Stiletto (Colorable)

LooKaTme Shape Shaedy

[7DS] – ELF EAR EVO tattoo oak
[7DS] – BODY 2020 MIRAGE bom skin OAK browless
NECK fade LEL. evo X -> 7DS skins OAK

~ Dirty Secrets ~ Daddy’s Babygirl Tattoo

Sintiklia – Hair Daisy smaller size(Lelutka Evo X) Hair Fair 2022

/ HEAD / lel EvoX LILLY 3.1

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*Interested in making clothes/accessories for ERIKA Mesh Body? apply here!

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