What’s your favorite tools?

Tools I use daily.

Hover Zoom is a browser extension and web tool that enables its users to view images in their full size without loading a new page. It enables its users to move their cursor over thumbnails to view images in their full size without loading a new page. I love this so much, I use it for every website that I want to see a photo close up.

Pixlr E. A free photo editor. Never lets me down. https://pixlr.com/e/ . It even animates photos. I don’t really use all of its feature to be honest, more often then not I use it to resize and touch up.

Recently I added Discord BUT I’m actually clueless how to work it. I just get messages from ones I follow. *laffs*

Flickr, of course to support my blog. That said, I am not a Flickr blogger. I blog WordPress. Often because many do use Flickr as a blog it gets twisted. I am not a YouTube vlogger either although I do subscribe to many SL’ers that do.

I also use Twitter to promote all things SL that interests’ me. Support my blog and Flickr and like I said anything SL.

What I use inworld for lighting, LumaLite. It’s a handy tool to back light a photo taken in world or taken when you really have a dark shoot that just needs a bit of mood light. It stores your favorite poses as well and gives you 3 points of light.

Seraphim , of course is so valuable for everyone and as a blogger it keeps me informed and updated on events and sales around the grid. For instance, using Seraphim led me to The Vintage Fair where I found so really lovely things, a few NEW to me designers and stores, like SilveryK ! I love this shop its beautiful, well laid out, comfortable and filled with awesomeness.

Vintage Fair
June 10th.2022 at noon SLT -June 20th.2022


gin Fhang, Owner

I also love when creators use Blogotex ! It allows the creator and the blogger to keep track of what they are currently working on. I always double check myself to make sure I have blogged the things in time for their events. It even allows me to see creators looking for bloggers and info on their designs before one applies. Creators can even look at you and invite you to their teams.

iheartsl feed, so I can see all the other fabulous bloggers and what they are into!

Helpful links for new residents.




Another way to keep up on the grid is https://community.secondlife.com/

Have a question, need a quick help. Look no further go straight to residents who have been there done that ! https://community.secondlife.com/forums/

So, these are the things I use daily in/for Second Life.

What are things you use to make your Second Life, fun, simple, manageable, interesting?

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