And another thing or two !

Still decorating. I never have a plan I just drop things and arrange it, oh about 50 times till I find things that fit the feel I want. This has been a fun house to decorate and so far it’s all come from my inventory. Not a Linden spent.

Trompe Loeil – Gilded Bed PG Pink Ornate
Dutchie Valentine’s Gift: Breakfast in Bed
Amelie Console table

As I said in my previous post, I did shop, have you gone over to Truth and grabbed Bunny? I was actually shocked I even got in on my 1st try! It was pretty packed and laggy though.

The fit I am wearing today is so dang sexy !

YoU By GeMyles Amabel Bra LEGACY [Add]
YoU By GeMyles Yuna LB Heels Legacy [Add]
YoU By GeMyles Amabel Pants Legacy [Add]
YoU By GeMyles Amabel Panty Legacy [Add]

Exclusive at Temptation Event, Event runs from May 22nd 2022 to June 13th 2022 | Event LM

Dotty’s Secret – Instabrows – Brows [Light Brown][GENUS]
Dotty’s Secret – My Nudes – Gloss Lipstick [8]

.:{Sofia}:. Andrea necklace (Add Me)
.:{Sofia}:. Andrea Earrings ( Add Me)
.:{Sofia}:. Andrea Bracelets
Messy. Midi Rings Set Legacy Bronze
Rosary. Black Affair __ Legacy Long

[7DS] – BODY 2020 MAGICAL bom skin WALNUT browless

[BODY] Legacy (f) (1.4)
[SHAPE] Legacy (f) “Juicy”
GENUS Project – Genus Head – Strong Face W001 – v1.7 – Mocap

TRUTH / Bunny / Size 1 + Chest / FLF

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