Truly Outrageous Fashion

This super cute lingerie was originally for sale at the BIGGIRL Event but I missed that deadline due to illness. I adore this cute/sexy lingerie for many reasons but let me list a few: 30 solid colors in the fat pack, 14 exclusive textures in the minipack, materials enabled. BUT I am super thrilled they created this fit sized for Kalhene ERIKA mesh body !! (worn as well). I love Kahlene Erika , this is updated to 1.5 and this body is modifiable! This mesh body has the best sheen/shine of my other bodies. ERIKA is also designed for our Transgendered friends. I am so excited that creator are designing fits for her.


Outfit is rigged for the following bodies:

•Maitreya & Petite

•Legacy, Perky, Petite & Pregnancy

•Belleza Freya Perky

•Slink Hourglass

•Kupra & Kups A/B

•Kalhene Erika

🎇 Fatpack: 30 solid colors

🎇 Minipack: 14 Exclusive prints

🎇 Please try a demo before purchase!

Also wearing :

LEL Briannon Evo X

[7DS] Power Group gift for Evo/Evo X

Hair is from DOUX

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