Belleza Freya Update

Belleza Freya V6 BOMBENTO MOD

I’m still tweaking a little bit but she does not need much! Most of my Freya fits still working but have had a few issues with wigs on this body. My solution was to wear an older wig that I could size on xyz axis’s .

Currently all of the bodies can be redelivered if you owned them BUT if not , no stress , they are all on sale at 50% off. This is limited-time only!


May be an image of footwear and text that says 'A2 BELLEZA 50% SALE'

All of our mesh bodies (Jake, Venus, Isis and Freya) have been updated and are available for redelivery.
Here are the locations available for redelivery:
Belleza —
Men’s Only —…/Sunset…/111/16/26Big Girl –…/AMERICAN%20BAZAAR/172/189/29
Addams —…/Addams%20Land/42/146/26

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