I love this mesh body more with each update/release. She’s cute. I do not tweak these meshes , but they do adjust very well. As you can see from the HUDs and so many options all just one click away. Please be sure to scroll down and read all about these meshes, you won’t believe it! Then pop over to the store and grab a demo and play with it! Worth every $L. One perk with this mesh is it comes with basic outfits and shoes with HUDs AND I promise you will already have things in your inventory that will work beautifully with minor adjusting SO no spending a fortune to dress this body.




4 Breast sizes (flat, small, standard, implants)
Mesh body Alpha Cuts Via HUD
HD Genitals, Lips & Nipples appliers
3 penis sizes (9 state/postions) via HUD
Penis tattoo layers TINTABLE
Elf ears
Small Fangs
Random face animations & BENTO hand poses (On/Off)
Alexa skin, 5 skin tones (BOM)
10 realistic eyes (BOM)
5 Nails shapes Via HUD
36 Nail colors via HUD
3 options of realistic pubic hair in 3 hair tones (removable)
4 eyelashes (removable)
Optional shiny skin (MATERIALS)
Show/Hide mesh ears & eyes
Support Alpha Layers

It also Includes:
Basic mesh hair (7 colors/2 styles)
Dress, bikini, shirt, leggings, skirt & shoes for flat & tip toe feet.
BENTO hand rings in different metals, gem colors and styles
Fitted mesh stockings and pantyhose (Black&White) in different opacities for flat, medium and tip toe feet.

V4.0 UPDATE! (Dec 12 2020)

-Added new Mesh Head! (Head 2): Stronger jawline, more arched eyebrows and some soft changes on the nose and lips.

-Added 3 different breast positions via deformer animations in the HUD (works for all breast sizes). Get a more natural look for your breast!

-Fixed Neck fix for Lelutka mesh heads

-Added new body oil materials (for mesh body BoM only)

*Please remember that you can wear alpha layers on BOM Mesh bodies if you need it.

*Mesh Bodies BOM with Alpha Cuts HUD are still available and boxed in the contents of the package, you need to unpack it if you need to use it (box includes HUD and one body for each breast size)

*Includes female and transgender genitals.




BENTO Fitted Mesh Body + Head BOM

*BENTO & BOM (Bakes on Mesh) enabled viewer required!

Please check that you are not wearing any alpha layer before wear the mesh body and head.

*Analexa Mesh Body is compatible with most MAITREYA clothing and footwear*

Analexa BENTO Mesh Body & Head can be worn separately and will fit other mesh bodies and heads from the most popular brands.

Includes 2 modifiable shapes
You can modify the avatar with the sliders in appearance mode, you can create your own shape.
Body & head compatible with Alpha Layer BOM


BENTO-BOM Mesh Bodies & more!

[http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Heels/75/127/25 Inworld Store]

[https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/229325 Marketplace]

[secondlife:///app/group/bd0eb745-549d-a04d-0b0c-28ffb08e88a0/about Kalhene Group]

[https://www.facebook.com/claudia.urdaneta.sl Facebook]

[https://www.flickr.com/photos/189091901@N08/l Flickr]

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