Groups and Gifts

Today was a completely lazy SL day for me. I had several shots I wanted to make but then my friend Sufferingfrom Lockjaw sent out her DJ notice. She DJs at Surfers Bay. I had not seen her in awhile as she was tending to her offline life, so I popped over there. Today she was in a country mood so I had to dig out a cowboy hat. One of my favorites come from Argrace. The crowd was fine and I found myself chatting away which is not a norm for me tbh. I usually work while I set colleen to dance but I really enjoyed chatting to the other dancers. Next thing I knew it was lunch time! If you have never visited Surfers Bay you should, the people are fun and they have a lot of beachy activities and entertainment.

So while I was productive I snapped this beautiful skin from [7DS]. This is the November group gift skin. [7DS] – BODY 2020 GARA bom skin WALNUT browless

Are you familiar with this creator? Izara Zuta makes some really fabulous skins and shapes for men and women. She is also very generous to her group members.

You will find several sales going on at the store as well as gift boards, lucky boards, lucky chairs. Be sure to pop over and check things out, you will be glad you did and the staff is wonderful!

Where to find [7DS] :
GROUP key: 18e33f5d-dbbe-295c-52a8-9e05930bbfef

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