Marketplace Finds !

So yesterday I fell into the mktplace rabbit hole, searching for nothing particular and came across this gem. It’s perfect for setting scenes, new residences furnishing a home on a dime and it is worth the whole 1L I paid for it. Let me explain.

Inside the box you will find:

The Ottoman with 54 animations (3 li).
A ceiling lamp in two sizes, it is also modifiable so you can adjust lenght (3 li).
A Console (2 li).
A fur rug (2 li).
A Plant (1 li).
A golden Tray with a magazine and a coffee mug (3 li).
A decorative pair of books (1 li).

We used a total of 54 animations for the ottoman and that means a lot of ways of fun, it has precious sitting, cuddles and sex animations.

The ottoman is Aeros compatible, it means that the hardness and tilt of the Aeros genitals will be changed automatically depending on the pose you are running, You can also record your settings to match your avatar perfectly or disable this feature if you prefer by the options menu.

The sex engine is also compatible with the It’s Not Mine Cum System if the avatar is wearing a compatible penis, for example, Aeros or Xcite! (see It’s Not Mine cum system for more info) cums, it will come to the right place. It has lick events implemented to the poses that make sense so the right place will be cleaned when licking.

Of course, this feature can be turned off too on the options menu if you prefer to choose where you want to come.

Key features.
– 54 animations.
-BENTO hand poses that can be turned off/on for some poses.
-No poseballs.
-Lag reduction.
-Easy adjustment for different avatar sizes.
-Compatible with Aeros penises.
-Compatible with It’s Not Mine body cum system.
-It can be restricted to be used by the owner, a group, or everyone.

You can get this as a free group gift at the inworld store but I was already on mktplace and bought it there.

Definitely take a look at this store! Happy shopping 🙂 Urban Style Designs!

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