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Seriously beautiful mesh heads and bodys ! Today I am sharing Eve body and Vita head.

Vita is 10% off in world at mainstore !!

Updated 2019-11
EVE Applier

Vita has 3 skin bases in 6 tone and 6 Eyebrow ,8 hair-bases, 8 Eyeliner, 10 Eye shadow, 10 lipstick, 6 Eyelashes, all are tintable . She is compatible with EVE kit-skin and omega.

Of course I have slightly tweaked to suit me but as we all know tweaking is an ongoing process for avatars. The join of this head to the EVE mesh body is actually as close to seamless as I have ever seen. I am using only things found in the head and body HUD except for the lashes.  I am really pleased with this look.

I think her body is actually perfect the hands and feet are well done and elegant. This is the pulpy body but slim also comes in the full box. The lingerie is in the box as well !

Included in the full-pack:

2 body mesh ( 1 Slim & 1 Pulpy )
Shoes from pixelfashion offer 😉
4 Mesh dresses
Garter mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
Underpants Mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
Bra mesh for EVE (Pulpy & Slim version)
1 Hud for customize fashion
1 Hud for customize EVE
Skin Applier
2 shape for example.”but you can create your own shape
EVE are Fitted so she is modifiable by the slider appearance”(just the head are not totally modify)
You can wear easily Shoes, hair, jewelry, flex and other accessories
Wardrobe system for save your favorites applier
hud fashion for starting adventure

I will be showing more of these fashions soon !

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Alien -Decor-2



ALSO wearing :

*!* EVE pulpy V9.1
*!* EVE hud lashes-#3
Exile:: Iron Maiden
AL Vulo! * carry on emerald eyes
**RE** LUX Ti Amo x2 Necklace RLV v3.1

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