Skin Fair 2019

Despite being in both early access groups I never got in the sims. Of course I stopped trying after the 1st attempt but I did enjoy the great chats and banter in PGP Group. SO… I played in demos all day. I want to show you my absolute fav so far though!

Just when I think I’m bored with SL skins/makeups THIS happens !

These make ups are from Dotty’s Secret, called Dotty’s-Secret-Comedy-Queen, Dotty’s-Secret-Fashion-Queen, and Dotty’s-Secret-Fishy-Queen. These are totally unedited.

I can’t wait to shop!

Here is your demo group. Here is your shopping guide. ~NOW PAY ATTENTION~ This is important, so no complaints later……Complexity limits of 50,000 will be enforced on the sims for the first week. The Sims are PG so please make sure all private parts are covered.

March 8th (12:01 pm) – Sim opens to public. Happy shopping ! 🤟


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