LOTD ! 🤟

Hey Hey !! Did everyone survive Mardi Gras? Today , Ash Wednesday how many of you are repenting from your Mardi Gras parties? 🙂 I shouldn’t make fun I know, we are all prepared for a period of self-restraint and abstention prior to Easter. Our first day of fasting, repentance, prayer and self-control.

Everyone geared up for Skin Fair? It’s right around the calendar corner. Here some info from the press release.

Here is your demo group. Here is your shopping guide. ~NOW PAY ATTENTION~ This is important, so no complaints later……Complexity limits of 50,000 will be enforced on the sims for the first week.  You are warned 🙂 . Every store will showcase new and exclusive Skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts.
The Sims are PG so please make sure all private parts are covered.

Your sponsors are Pale Girl Productions, Kira Paderborn & Voshie Paine and Event Partner LAQ, owned by Mallory Cowen .

The Skin Fair 2018 is sponsored by :
The Skinnery
Taox Tattoo
Carol G Tattoo
Genus Project

March 8th (12:01 pm) – Sim opens to public. Happy shopping ! 🤟

Now for some fashion:


[G-SHOT] SEVEK Shorts {Freya}
::HH:: Hucci Rehovot Boots – Petal (Freya)
*PKC* Jana Ear Clips (Group Gift)
HAIR: adoness : ares : naturally
erratic / luisa – crop top / pink grey (freya)
-Belleza- Freya V 5.2 BENTO
Genesis_Head_Stephanie_3.2 Bento – Omega
**RE** Witchy Rings – Belleza Bento
! Su Xue ! MESH Nose Piercing Saguna
*PKC* Viv Belly Piercing – Belleza Isis/Freya Fit 2
IKON Triumph Eyes – Starfall
**RE** LUX Ti Amo x2 Necklace RLV v3.1

FOXCITY. Bad Girl Poses

Something for the Guys!

VERSUS EVENT MEN MARCH!! Enjoy with the best creations and gifts from designers in a beautiful decor!! Clothes, shoes, jewels, poses, tattoos, makeup, accessories… 40 designers, 40 exclusives, 40 gifts!!

Happy Shopping! 🤟



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