Attention Magazine August Issue 2018

Last month my good friend Rachel Swallows contacted me and asked if I would be willing to pose for her. 🙂 I adore her and her work and said ABSOLUTELY ! She explained the shoot was for Attention Magazine and that it was going to be a BUSTed Revisited shoot. This made me smile even more! Sadly I had lost touch with most the BUSTed models but when she asked me to help her brain storm names I tossed out a few favs and then said how silly are we lol look back at past issues !

Rachel choose well. ALL of the BUSTed models are stunning!


This is the photo she did of me. 🙂 Pretty sexy I think.

You can view Rachel’s Flickr HERE and you will NOT be sorry you did !  You can view the album of all the BUSTed girls in this shoot HERE. ( her stream and the album may NOT be SFW.) Rachel is also a SL content creator as well as an artist. Clothes, shoes, props, poses , buildings, you name it shes done it 🙂 . Find her Marketplace store HERE.

You can read more and learn more about Attention Magazine HERE .

You can pick up the current and past issue HERE for free!

Attention Magazine Blog.

Attention’s owner, publisher and founder, Athena has been in Second Life since June of 2014. She got a taste for SL magazines after working as the technical editor of SL Connoisseur before leaving to found Attention. Her Flickr can be seen here. The Magazine Flickr group can be found HERE.

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