NEW @ Vista !!

Introducing Zoe ! Is she not fabulous and beautiful?


Vista also released a brand new AO full Bento to compliment Zoe and It’s the bomb! No crazy moves. I do not know if it will work well with other heads, I did not test it but it might ya never know. Try the demo 1st!

Today the group was offered Zoe head for 2k with 1k immediately refunded. Who’s going to turn that down? Did you get yours? This photo as absolutely ZERO editing, it cam straight from my camera lens to this page. I’m using Zoe with my Belleza Freya mesh body and one of the skins from 7Deadly Skins that is preloaded into the Zoe HUD. She’s not in any after market makeups at all , what you see on her you will find in the HUD.

My favorite thing about her look is that she looks like an adult avatar and not a young girl. After I am a mature woman and I really do NOT want to travel back in time lol it was hard enough work getting to here. I wish no do overs.

I never thought I’d love another head as much as I love Genesis Stephanie BUT ….. I DO!!

Get yours !


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