Altamura Valentina @ Skin Fair 2018

Valentina is:


It will be possible to buy it ONLY during the Skin Fair edition 2018 at the end will remain unavailable.


Now listen carefully, you MUST join the Altamura in world group at their main store as there will be NO group joiner at the Fair.

She is a fully functional / full Bento mesh body that will use Omega appliers as well. She comes with heads hand and feet, responds to sliders and will work with many of my outfits that fit Belleza Freya as well as shoes but I am hoping more designers will come on board and create clothes , shoes etc for Altamura as well.

You will also get all the HUDS. They are really super easy to understand and use. Your emotion HUD is there as well.

This photo was taken minutes after dressing her wearing jeans from MOOH and top from Indented. The skin and the makeup she’s in are in the HUD and so it the hairbase. All are tintable. The eyes are mesh from Apothic Gloom .

Isn’t she lovely!

Best 300L you are ever going to spend on a full Bento Mesh body!

ALSO available at Skin Fair for Men from Altamura, ROBERT – Free gift body/head, just like Aaron, cannot use Omega nor change skins, but has alphas for clothing!


LIMO to Skin Fair 2018 opens at noon slt 3/9 to 3/25.


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