Freedom & Whisky & #SecondLifeChallenge

I found #SecondLifeChallenge this AM in my inbox and it put a smile on my face! This is one of those ways I find new to me bloggers and flickrs to follow. If you follow Strawberry Singh you already know about this , if you don’t follow  Strawberry now is the time to do it! These challenges are not only fun  but  like I said it gets you out of the box and takes you to new blogs and flickrs you might not find otherwise. So far I have found 3 new blogs to follow and will check flickrs when I get done with this post.

The only thing I miss about these challenges is it seems to me we don’t get many *info* bloggers doing them as we do fashion bloggers. It would be great if our VR travelers and news bloggers would do some of these so we can discover them as well!

ALSO: have you read this?  Second LIfe Creepy Crawl – Call for Venues!  

Here’s how to submit your venue for consideration:

Make sure your place is listed in the Destination Guide – here’s how to submit.

Hop over to this form and fill it out before October 15th – we’ll start selecting the venues after that!

Keep an eye out for an email and/or notecard after the 15th to let you know if your venue was selected.

I’m usually very into Fall in Second Life and Halloween , but not so much this year, I’ve been very busy at RL and in fact I have been doing more cooking and trying new recipes and even doing more baking. Pie crusts are a challenge for me but I keep trying LOL. Also as you can see by my post title , if you are an Outlander watcher, so am I ! Last night’s episode was great.

So enough rambling and onto the challenge!

My Second Life Fact #1: I have never purchased any lindens. I have earned all of my inworld shopping money through various jobs and selling LumaLite HUD at our marketplace store.

My Second Life Fact #2: I’ve never owned any land or had a premium account in Second Life.

My Second Life Fact #3: I do not hate notecards. Without them I would be totally lost.

My Second Life Fact #4: I love it when my Second Life is quiet and peaceful. I like spending time with SL friends and enjoy making new ones. I enjoy SL photography and finding new places to visit.

My Second Life Fact #5: I own a few bento heads and bodies, something I said I’d never do but I admit they have been fun and it makes my life easier honestly with less photo editing.

My Second Life Fact #6:My inventory is a total mess. I try to organize and delete things as I go BUT time is my enemy!

My Second Life Fact #7: I have been bored in Second Life. There has always something to do or some place to explore just not enough time to do it all, so I hit the X and go to RL. It’s there whenever I need some entertainment in my life.

Now some fashion so I can stay on the feeds! LOL

Here are some new releases from Desmonia!

Pardon my panties but this fat pack of skirt outfits just didn’t leave room 🙂 Carmela Skirt Set Fatpack. -Desmonia- Fiona Hair *NEW*

-Desmonia- Nicoletta Heels in 24 colors.

-Desmonia- Kaitlyn Hair

-Desmonia- Ziya Hair

Follow Desmonia on social media:

Cholita & Ziya Hair Fatpacks now in Mainstore and MP

In world store

Daddy’s Babygirl Tattoo by Dirty Secrets on Mktplace

6 thoughts on “Freedom & Whisky & #SecondLifeChallenge

  1. I had no idea that Monday challenges were back. Yays! Also, I think that 90% of SL (me included) feel your pain with the inventory. I like the peace too. Rawr at the pics.

      • I still don’t see the end of it but I’ll get there. Eventually. Life is complicated at the moment in the “real world”. But I try to be at least in “lurking mode”. That may sound stalkerish but you know it’s not the case (or… do you… bwahahaha… okay, that was a bad joke). If I have time tomorrow I may do the challenge too. I missed them!

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