A Visit to Sansar

Strawberry Singh and a few others have blogged about Sansar and their experiences there so I made a short trip over this AM for a look around. I’ve linked Strawberry’s blog , really, take a look there for more info and other links.

Now to my experience, I had so many web pages open I got off the beaten path and had to go back and start again! LOL I did finally make it into the program and popped around I started at Draxtors place and landed into a pile up of avatars so I wandered down the street to snap a pic.

As you can see the colors are really beautiful. Getting around the Atlas is easy enough but loading the scene took a few, not sure if that is just the way it is or if my pc or connection were being a pain.

There were things I could not find like , making any changes to the *atmosphere* around me, my avatar would not face me ever. The avatars remind me of the SL starter avs.

Parkins Fall

This place was truly beautiful! The atmosphere was perfect for photos but that’s a matter of taste we will each love something different. 


I did not mess around with much in avatar customization , just made me a blond and pulled up my hair. Sansar is really beautiful , it reminds me a bit of video games I’ve played but I did not hook up and controllers , I just used my keyboard. I do not use VR  either. I don’t see myself spending a ton of time in Sansar or investing money into it. The marketplace thus far is pretty primitive BUT keep in mind this is still in Beta.

It’s worth creating an account to go in and have a look around and I hope you will!




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