Can We Talk ?

Yesterday Caitlin polled the Blogger Support Group on how we prepare for event blogging and today after reading some posted replies I think I misunderstood the entire question! LOL. Go figure. Blond to the bone and I wont even deny it!


I googled *bloggers wanted second life* the results About 6,200,000 results (0.62 seconds) , unreal ! SL Blogger Support Group has a list designers looking for bloggers. Some designers have their own Ads placed in blogging flickr groups and these things are posted over a ton of social media sites , reblogged, reposted, re blasted. It’s great ! Most of the designers have no clue who is blogging their stuff, they turn that all over to their blog managers with a list of must have/do, to get in or remain in the blog group. When this started I was in a few blogging groups, it took me about 5 minutes to learn this was not for me. I have a full offline life and I don’t have  a ton of SL time , SL blogging is not now and never was my *JOB* and I was blogging for designers I genuinely liked , but then came other demands from groups. One group I never even applied too kept dropping things to me and I did not blog , it was not my taste , after a bit I was contacted about not blogging and I said “I have blogged you BUT most of your things are not my taste and I did not solicit your things, you just dropped them to me” , it was not a pretty thing and one I will never go through again. The designer promptly reminded me she was a TOP BOSL designer *shrugs*. This was several years ago and I never see her blogged anymore.

Designers began making rules about how often they wanted each release blogged by their groups, rules about flickr hits, social media hits etc etc and blah blah. Then came the blogger flickr repost wars. Pretty soon I had to stop looking at blog feeds and flickr and my other social media because it was ALL THE SAME pix. OH ! and lets not forget the feeds and their rules and niches and cliques. It’s very hard to get on feeds these days.

Yes, blogging has changed over my 8 years in SL. Who is at fault? EVERYONE involved. BUT I still blog , now I just blog ONE designer who I adore and respect the rest I blog because I want too. AND, please stop bashing freebies/gifts left by designers at events because the bloggers with not much to spend or just starting out with no following or little just MIGHT be the next SL top blogger/vlogger that that designer is looking for and that blogger will always blog the designers who is nice to them and leave great gifts at events for free because they are trying to build a blog and blogger/designer relationships. NO ONE blogs these days just to get free things in fact I bet no one does.


That’s my two cents 🙂 . What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Can We Talk ?

  1. You understood the question perfectly!! However…somehow the comments went in a totally different direction 🙂 Gotta love a good derail, right? But it’s okay, apparently this discussion was needed? Thanks for your input ❤

    • Gez ! Derailed from the beginning ! Glad I was on the right track but yes apparently this is something that needed discussed BUT for another time. Thank you for stopping in Cait ! ❤

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