The question was ……..

Tell us….how do you prepare?

Caitlin Tobias posed this to the blogger group BUT any blogger can offer their thoughts ! How do I prepare? Well, I don’t really blog *events* anymore , I just pop into ones that interest me and shop. I make a folder before I go and name it * !! EVENT NAME and date* and drop things in it as I shop JUST in case I got booted, then I’ve not lost track and valuable time. If it is possible to do photos on the event sim and I can unpack there I like doing that but it’s not always possible to unpack and we all know that once you leave  an event it could be hours or days before you get back in. I don’t attend all early openings/invitations either, it’s impossible for me to do that. I DO follow Seraphim blog for news and pix of whats going to be on sale for the events, and I always pay attention to the blogger support group for news and fresh sims to shoot on or tutorials and helpful tips and tricks.

I will often grab freebies/gifts to blog BUT that’s not really my thing even though there are some awesome bloggers who sometimes ONLY blog freebies. That is their niche and valuable to SL shoppers, newbies and oldies alike. I follow a few blogs and bloggers who are freebie bloggers.

Also in case you missed it , Belleza will release their new male mash body!! Preview it here. Very hawt !

Skin Fair 2017 is presented by Pale Girl Productions & Esode and will open it’s doors Friday, March 10th at 12:01am SLT and will run until the 31st.

My fabulously cute look comes from Sn@tch!

Hair is from Exile. Called First Dance @ February  C88 . Check the Main Store .

Jewelry from Mandala.

Prop & Pose from GLITTERATI ( closed) Check Marketplace.

Lighting by LumaLite HUD !


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