If You Think That’s Bad ……

I know at the moment it seems all we can do is argue  about politics BUT there are so many other things, important things in our offline lives we don’t think about and this is one of them. Unclaimed Children. Yes, you are reading that right. I didn’t. Early this AM while the rest of he house was still asleep I made coffee and turned on the news and in shock in horror fell to tears listening to the story of what a local Priest is doing for these children whose bodys are never claimed after their deaths. How one priest is determined to show love to Georgia children who die with no one to bury them. Things can always be worse BUT there are so many things we can focus on, these children deserved a life , a life better then what they got.

I was not really in a Valentines mood yesterday but I do hope all of you had an awesome one!

I did shoot some fashion for you though.




Oh! and I spotted this on flickr , seems like a very useful tool for designers with larger blogging crews !

Second Life Blog Tools http://blogotex.com/

Looking for Bloggers / GLAMISTRY


Vanessa by ASTERIA @ The Kinky Event
Sexy Straps for your mesh body!
mesh body compatible, 10 options available

Pose: “Love Me, Loves me not…” (Props not used )

Pose by Black Tulip
[Black Tulip] Poses – Dark Fairy #1

[CIRCA] – “My Spilled Kisses” – Multi Candy Hearts

*Dreams* Heart Cookie (without floating hearts)

[PL] Cupid Nerd Glasses by Anaiya Solo

+IROLLIC+ Valentine’s gift ❤ ❤ ❤ by Iroquai Anatra

.:H.F Ferronnier HEAD Red 2 WEAR ME

Awear Je T’Aime Heels BELLEZA


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