In and Out of Second Life

Well, we have sworn in our new POTUS and it appears between all the inauguration flare and parties and dinners he got straight to work as well! Impressive ! I will say this Melania was absolutely stunning as were his daughters ! The Barron looked like he was ready to go play xbox 🙂 .

I am disappointed to see how many democrats declined to attend the festivities. It does not reflect well on the party in my eyes. Of course it is their right to choose but I think it is just the wrong overall message for the country and the world. I was really pissed at the violent protesters as well. What message does all that violence and destruction of property prove? For me it says *we are not intelligent enough to make our point so lets have a tantrum* like children. And tbh I’m tired of the news groups and their slanted reporting on these things, I don’t watch them to hear their personal opinions, I don’t care about what they think , I want them to report facts if they have them , if not say nothing.

He may not have been every ones choice BUT he is THE POTUS and *WE the PEOPLE* elected him. He was not my choice but to be honest neither was Secretary Clinton, I will and would however support who ever was elected because I am an American.

Right now I am getting ready to enjoy The Falcons chase to the Super Bowl !!!

Ofc this is my hometown Team. RISE UP ATL !!!


AND here is my fashion offering for you all today.



*Birth* 3rd Gen Body Skin 04 Tone
-Belleza- Freya V2.01
:::Sn@tch Leila Hair (NATURALS-L):::
Blueberry – Cake Leggings – Regular – Freya Pattern 10
CATWA HEAD Destiny V4.9
N-Uno – Zara Top // N 2 // Belleza Freya
Mayfly – Liquid Light Mesh Eye (Deep Ice)
[MANDALA]SINRA Rings Season2

Lighting by LumaLite HUD 



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