Things Left Undone

This month I feel like I have left many things undone. Too many loose ends I guess but to be honest, since the elections I just can’t get myself together. The political divides, the racial and cultural divides, with each protest I hold my breath. The wildfire we are having also do not help !! Stress everywhere ! 🙂

I read Strawberry’s blog and she’s listed a ton of ways we can move forward, cope, try to make things better. She’s motivated and a motivator but I don’t see myself protesting because I don’t see it will make anything better. We voiced with our vote, I don’t want to protest because quite simply I feel like we have to watch, wait and see and support the office of President IF we can. I feel like our county looks bad enough already so I’m going to follow President Obama’s lead and give things a chance. We have to stay united as we can as a nation. Because I DO believe that  Love Trumps Hate .

We have lost 2 awesome voice of music this month I’ve posted those here on my blog. You almost have to live under a rock not to know them or their music.

This rendition of Bird On A Wire by Leonard Cohen has touched my heart more then once.


Did you know this was written by Leon Russell ?


OK , Enough of that ! Moving on 🙂 .



I bought this jacket,Eternal Sin Leather Jacket and  Eternal Sin Leather pants a long while ago at the MBA Fair. It’s from PPD ( Pink Pearl Designs ) but you can get them on Marketplace . It comes in a few really awesome colors and it has a HUD for belt color and laces .


Anyhow, stay strong, do what you can. Spread the love 🙂 .




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