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It’s been a rough week ! Despite all the help of The Seraphim Blog to keep us updated on events, sales and hunts, I’m still completely lost! My SL alerts are constantly capped because of the high volume of event announcements I get from groups I joined. Try as I do to keep the noise down to a small rawrrrr, I’ve failed. So, I’m going back to SL Bloggers Support and Seraphim only. Every once in awhile I will peruse BloggingSL feed and see what else is up.

What I really want to do is find actual SL STORES ! Stores that are new, with little or no exposure that have fabulous things we are missing because they are virtually undiscovered or get little to NO exposure and are NOT invited to events or can not at this moment afford to pay event costs to be there. Stores who release at least one new thing once a month even. I’m not a designer, I have NO idea how long it takes to put out a release but I do not care either as long as the quality is decent. Even if the quality needs a little more work in the case of new and upcoming designers honing their skills.

I’m not a rude blogger, I don’t think and I do not think I’ve ever been rude to a designer. I can and will offer an honest thought about their design/quality privately to them if the need arises. I’m a blogger! I want to blog you and if I can I want to be part of making your designs rock ! If you fail I fail as a blogger. I don’t want to blog more then once a week so I don’t apply to events to blog for because then I feel stale if that makes sense at all. I want to be inspired by the designers awesomeness !

This post has been in my head for weeks but I was inspired to finally post it after discovering this was a hot topic over at SL Secrets. Tons of opinions, good, bad and indifferent and as things can get at times very heated but it was the one time I went there to read that I was actually interested in one of the topics.


SO …if you are interested,  drop me your store links, blog links, flickr links or marketplace links. Help me find you ! OR leave the link info here on the blog and help other bloggers find you too!!!

So, I found these jeans at an event, The Dressing Room by Gossip , love em !! Mesh body compatible, 5 options available, demo available. I also found this body suit by FN HAWT at the same event. Mesh body is by Belleza – Freya, mesh head is by Catwa .


4 thoughts on “Blah Blah Blah 🛍

  1. Hi Colleen! I was reading through your back posts today and came across this one – I’ve noticed a log of bloggers overlook (for one reason or another) one of my favorite little stores, PiZazz Couture. They usually have two new pieces a month, if not more. It’s a really fun little store with cute stuff and some of the best customer service I’ve ever encountered on the grid. – that’s their main store. – that’s their MP (I think I’ve got that right)

    Happy Holidays! ^^

    • Thank you for the tip ! 🙂 I will be shopping on my return to SL after the holidays. Also, thank you for not only takng the time to leave the tip bu also for continuing to support my blog by taking the time to visit and read. 🙂

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