We Resist What We Do Not Understand

Anyone who knows colleen or follows colleen knows shes had a love/hate mesh relationship since the beginning. Yes, she was excited to not have poke through dresses , impossible angles to edit and hair that needed edited, BUT she was not a *standard size* so she had more frustration.

The sculpted and early mesh body parts  *slaps head* , pretty for photos but added hours to prep due to skin matching etc.  Colleen had implants, butts,feet,hands ! After a time unless I absolutely HAD to change any body parts and often clothes I JUST ran around our sims nude ! I was so tired of looking for a proper tint/fit and dressing I often just gave up. Toran would laugh and call me lazy , my reply was always *you go mesh and see how tiring it can be* .

With so many body parts colleen began to refer to herself as *Franken avie*. Enter Omega appliers and it was like an easy button for SL! ( I do have a rant RE appliers but that is for another post ) .

Since the release of Wowmeh I have loved full mesh bodies and purchased several. The early mesh bodies were not without their own issues but they have come a LONG way! In real life colleen is a full figured girl and I wanted to get as close as possible in SL.

Colleen fell in love with her Maitreya mesh body immediately!

So when I saw the news about revamped fuller figured  mesh avatar released at Belleza I went straight over and purchased Freya. I ADORE her as much as I do Lara even more because I finally have a figure in SL I can really relate to.

If that wasn’t enough Toran and I were standing around talking and messing with the LumaLite HUD planning new promotions and updates and talking, the topic of Catwa mesh heads came up and I sent him a few links for him to look at.  The next thing I know he says *incoming!* and gifted me a mesh head that caught his eye . Gwen with all the bells and whistles! She’s lovely !

SO, I am loving my new look !


A huge thank you to my friend Rachel for pointing me in the direction I needed on Gwen !



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