Shape Makers

I’m not talking to mesh shape makers , I am talking to the others that create regular avatar shapes to sell.

PLEASE STOP making shapes with NO face! Stop wearing mesh heads and ps’ing the ads to death to the point that buyers are clueless and feel they have been mislead. New residents would not have a clue and feel cheated.

After many hours of surfing the marketplace reading some reviews and looking closely myself , I would not spend one linden on a shape  that wears a mesh head in the Ad. If you’re going to make a shape then leave the mesh after markets out of the ad.

That is all. Thank you.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programs .



8 thoughts on “Shape Makers

  1. Sadly you point out a huge shortcoming of mesh heads (ie they ignore your shape), cant for the first batch of bento heads hit the marketplace, to purge out all the badly designed mesh heads now on the market.

  2. The problem with the mesh heads is, you get what you buy, and while makeup and skin can … sort of… adapt things, you don’t have the freedom that you have with the system heads.

    I must have spent several hours just tweaking the parameters of my face from the ‘base’ Vitruvian Amazon shape that I got from Penny Patton ages ago. I pushed the cheekbones up a little, I made the face a bit more of a ‘moon’ shape than the standard oval, I plumped up the lips, tweaked the nose, all to get more of an African-American feel.

    I then tried a mesh ‘mouth’ (the original Loud Mouth) and discovered that to make it ‘fit’ right, I had to undo a lot of those changes, becaaaause… mesh face parts, like mesh heads, do not conform to face sliders!!

    So until A) someone figures out how to pull this trick off, or B) comes up with a mesh head design that is based off of Pam Grier, I’m sticking with my system head.

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