Art and Ads

I’ve spent the morning looking at blogs and feeds over coffee and I have a few observations to make.

  1. Over photoshopped photos to the point of not being able to see what the blogger is actually trying to entice us all to buy (artistic pics) . Why? I saw quite a few also used with poses that do not show everything listed in credits.
  2. Ad shots, which would show the total look the blogger is trying to sell . Where are those?

While I enjoy a good artistic photo , if I can’t look at the photo and tell what’s being worn, it’s useless to me and other shoppers I’d imagine OR maybe it’s just me.

I’d save the artsy shots for my flickr and show the photo entirely as an *Ad* shot for the blog. Please don’t be confused as to what I mean. Many bloggers have found a good balance to artsy pics , showing the entire outfit ( choosing the right pose and windlights and whatever after processing they use). That makes a really nice blog IMHO. Many bloggers blog this beautiful art photo that highlights their mad photoshop skills BUT not the thing they are blogging about.


Today I wanted to show this awesome tattoo and body jewelry ! This tat is so beautiful. I found this outfit on flickr. The body jewelry was at Kustom9 but has now been moved to the designers store. This awesome tat is from White Widow.


*ARGRACE* AZAMI – Baby Blonde
-SECRETS- Dermal Coccyx Crytals
Angel Rock Eyelash J curl Paris Show Girl
Kibitz – Mandy chain bra {unrigged} gold  Kathya Szczepanski Owɴer oғ Kιвιтz (ғorмerly Peĸĸα)
Kibitz – Mandy chain undies {unrigged} gold
LumaLite Face Lights (v3.0) WEAR ME LumaLite by Toran Babenco
Maitreya Lara nipple rings -gold by ~Misha Jesuil~
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
[Tia] JOIA – Astapor Collar – Gold  SLBD13 Gift @ The Fantasy Collective
~Misha Jesuil~ Belly Ring Dreamcatcher
Tattoo [White~Widow] Genius – Gold @The Fantasy Collective 


Also, I’ve tried this new HUD. MB – What is She Wearing . It’s pretty awesome but it lacks a few things such as not giving the info on the tat worn layer. It’s free and made things a bit easier but still could use some tweaks I still like it and thinks for free you all should try it.


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