Do You Remember …


Way Back !

( colleen Criss and Envy Watts )


After the Tres Blah announcement to be phasing out standard sizing, I started thinking about  way back machine* of SL . To be honest I fully expected this to happen sooner than it did. I remember how infuriated I was with Standard Sizing ! I was very appreciative of all the fashionistas and designers who chatted with me on this topic too. Yes yes I know I am  and was a big boob and booty avatar but I still want to look beautiful and dress in fabulous fashion just like , dare I say it ….., real life.

boobs and bikinis special

Big Boobs and Booty !

So it seems we are at another SL fashion crossroad. Not surprising seeing the excellent mesh bodies, heads, and clothes , both male and female that creators are making now. We have the *applier revolution* ! Some days I’m cross-eyed with them and my inventory cries daily it’s so heavy with them, but I freely admit and give kudos to wonderful bloggers and support groups such as Mesh Body Addicts and SL Blogger Support Group as well as Strawberry Singh , I’d never leave my home because I would not be able to dress !! LOL These bloggers and blogs are so important to my daily SL that I get them delivered directly to my inbox! My fondest wish is that all creators would use a universal applier and I’m thrilled when I see them using the Omega Appliers ! If it is fit mesh, even better as it should work with both mesh and classic SL avatars. BUT don’t quote me , LOL try before you buy these days is an absolute must !


Maitreya Mesh Body !

I have not yet jumped into the mesh heads so I can’t really say much about them except …… OH NO not ANOTHER applier! I rarely use my SLink feet or hands choosing to use my Maitreya body as a rule. STILL, dressing my big booty/booby avatars is distressing for me. *PULLS HAIR* and whispers more appliers and seeing that creators are getting harder and harder to find that are making mesh implants and mesh butt clothes.


I don’t know ladies and gentlemen, creators and designers, what are you looking at to be your NEW standard ? What will you be making more of, less of or phasing out ?

Comments are open as always , so please feel free to chat and sound off!


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