Much to show …..

Dear Reader and Friends, real life will have it’s way 1st ! BUT don’t stress 🙂 a week in Gulf Shores with family is fabulous!


While I was away I returned to an inbox full of news, so let me share that till I can get some boxes unpacked and photos snapped.


25 days to go until Hair Fair !


Bandana Day - Make a Bandana

You can make a bandana! find all the info you need HERE .

There is also a photo contest ! Find that info HERE .

Hair Fair Photo Contest Poster


All of this is time sensitive so get started ! 🙂 If you have any questions that are not answered on the Hair Fair blog please contact Sasy Scarborough or Whimsy Winx. They can get pretty busy so I’d check to see how they like to be contacted either by IM or notecard.


Second Life is celebrating it’s 13th Birthday! YAY !!! It’s all underway and I’ve heard the gifts from many designers, builders,and the Lindens are fabulous!  HERE is all the info and SLURLS.  Don’t miss this really, so much talent and effort goes into this each year and each year it gets better and better! Today  Ebbe Linden is interviewed, always interesting! Take a look at the Flickr group.

New rounds of fashion events and gatchas are also happening ! Many of the fashion events have set out SL13B gifts so find the cake a touch it. You can find more info HERE .

OK! That’s all for today. I’ll be unpacking and snapping in the next days 🙂 .





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