My Name Is ……… My Number Is …..

I’ve been gone for the most part for a couple months and I can’t promise when I will get back to a normal blog schedule in the future. Life happens .

I’ve been following politics and I have to laugh, I’m frightened what is coming our way. It’s sad but I have decided NOT to vote this year at all. None of the Presidential candidates represent me or my visions for this country at all. I’ve always been one to push everyone to vote,  but not this year. Trump supporters show me that as a whole, the people are really pissed off at the political machine. A woman as President would be terrific but so far a woman qualified enough to be President has not shown. Last but not least is the age factor, I’d like to see someone younger, with fresh ideas as President. I do wish everyone good luck.

I did make it in long enough to grab this awesome lingerie at Whore Couture Fair 5 / Exclusive 1 from {ViSion} -S&F. You can read more about it here. . The event is over so I’m betting you can find this at the Main Store.


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