Social Media and Second Life

*long deep sigh*

Ever feel like that? Over whelmed by all of it ? I do.

I use a lot of social media for second life and ….. wait for it….. ZERO for real life! None. Colleen’s operator is so burnt out most days from SL Social Media she maintains none of her own.

Do you maintain Social Media for your real life? Are they the same as those for Second Life?

Recently I discovered google groups and in doing discovered so many more blogs and bloggers, I can stay lost for hours just reading new blogs! If you are not on google groups or have not visited them you should! There is everything from art to music to fashion to , well, if you can name it it’s there.  Second Life has a google group too.

eBiz has listed a Top 15 most popular social media. Some I have never heard of! How about you? I have Colleen’s Social Media sights listed over on my side bar , some but not all! I also post too ,

Avatar Social Network

Scoop It



So, if you see me on any of these sites , add me ! What are your favorite social media sites?


4 thoughts on “Social Media and Second Life

  1. It is over whelming I use Flicker, twitter, google+ and Facebook regularly but also try to use Avatarbook, avatar social network and tumbler…I have not plurked. Avatarbook is relatively easy to get the hang of iam however still finding avatar social odd. Oh and Iam on wordpress.

  2. Wonderfully timely post, Colleen! I’m super interested in the possibilities out there for SL social networking – particularly Google+ and Facebook – but as you and Owl both said, it can be *incredibly* overwhelming. I’m on the lookout for some kind of desktop app or website that will aggregate a number of social media sites into a manageable feed or digest (and not make me pay a fortune for the privilege). If you have some tips and suggestions on how to balance it all, I would be grateful to learn them! 🙂

    • Great idea! Something I was thinking about as I was typing that blog post as well. I’m betting Caitlin Tobias knows something about this because she is the most plugged in social person I know on SL!

      So I did what we all do , 🙂 I went to google and this is what I found so far. I have not used any of these.

      7 Social Media Aggregation Tools To Simplify Your Streams Some of these are free.

      • I’ve heard of HootSuite and I know they have a limited free model, but will have to take a closer look at the others. Thanks, Colleen! 🙂

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