Living in a Second Life Bowl full of Perverted Monkey Sex

Second Life is NOT Dead

It’s alive and well and full of wonder, despite what some old and popular SL newsers keep writing about.The sky is not falling. The sky like everything else is shifting and changing. This is the norm.

YET , some of us forget. and write personal feelings about a world that one does not use as one once did and it keeps breathing even after one lost interest on it.

I entered SL in December 2007, I was thrilled then and I am still thrilled daily. Why else come if that was not true. When I figured out how to SL it was even more fun. Make no mistake SL takes a minute or 30 just to learn to navigate.

The graphics have improved, the creators content has evolved, Linden Labs are giving us some awesome new tools. No more cartoon skins as creators skills evolved, no more stiff ugly hair, clothes look almost so real you feel like you could reach out and touch it. Mesh has come along nicely and creators improved their designs and methods daily. It’s a process, like everythng else in either life , you take baby steps you learn , change and grow. SL has come a long way it’s not 2003 anymore or even 2007 and as I have watched things change in SL I’m still thrilled! That’s 8 years!

Music on Second Life has changed and grew and some awesome musicians have come and gone and some made careers in SL that moved OUT of SL and vise versa.

People who otherwise might never have a chance to get out of their own meatspace for reasons ARE now chatting with other people thousands of miles away, building bridges that might otherwise never be possible. Making connections, forming friendships and some are or have even meant thier spouses through SL. Artists from the *real* and creating a new art in SL. Artists who had no real outlet are finding theirs. People who thought they had no real artistic talents are finding out, they do! To be clear when you stop and think about it everything done is SL is a work of art , from making a texture to designing a sim. Drop a prim and let it begin.

BUT Honour Said it better! Please read her blog post.

Originally posted on Honour’s Post Menopausal View (of Second Life):

Life in a Bowl by Cica Ghost (moderate)

Cica Ghost’s latest beautiful creation is Life in a Bowl. Residents of a tropical island have placed sea creatures in giant aquariums – within sight of the ocean, which seems unnecessarily rude.

The good news for them is that the build is temporary and I’m sure they’ll be released back into the wild soon. I hope!

OK I’m going to stick my nose partway into the latest SL drama. One aspect of it has, over the years, made me very curious.

It all started when Eric Grundhauser wrote a wonderful article about Second Life on Atlas Obscura. He expected ” to find a dying world of outsiders and bronies gleefully recreating pornographic impossibilities”. What he found instead, thanks to the guidance ofZiki Questi, was “a fascinating and vital world that is constantly changing and pushing the…

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