What’s in Your Arsenal ?


Often the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow!” is a few easy steps and LumaLite provides that and more!

The LumaLite Hud is a lighting system made for Second Life Beginners and Pros alike. This Light and Pose HUD will NOT break your Linden bank either! We have made sure to give you great features as well as a great price point!

Do you love to take photos in Second Life? Me too ! I spend time with poses and adjusting them fussing over what to wear or not to wear 🙂 , I am a big fan of shooting outside so I play in windlights choosing and adjusting that too.

I have an arsenal of photography tools and I use them all!

Of course I use LumaLite more then anything but we all know we need/like to use other things as well. I use my LumaLite along side Strawberry Singh’s Free Photo Studio , and because I’m totally addicted to great poses, I have stuffed my LumaLite full of them BUT I find I always need MORE! Since I’m usually shooting on the fly I love PoseAnywhere 2.5, super easy to use HUD , I don’t need to rez anything and I can copy it and name my pose sets by pose maker!

Next thing I find is a total life saver is this gem, AnyPose Basic Pose Stand it even comes with a fabulous face animator, this lets you adjust poses that sticks your hands in your skirts or if you want to tilt your head a bit etc. You can rez a stand OR just use the HUD. This designer also offers the face animator as a freebie !

So, that’s what is in my photo arsenal , what’s in yours?

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