Recently I was interviewed by one of my favorite magazines and by one of my favorite people, Rachel Swallows. She is the owner of BUSTed .

Busted March 2015

I want to share some of the photos she took for the interview with you. Did I mention she is also a fabulous photographer, AND a huge LumaLite supporter?

COLLEEN 4  She was busy shooting as we chatted and here is part of the interview:

I’ve been in Second Life since 12/07. I’ve been a model for what was Opium Fashion Agency https://opiumsim.wordpress.com/tag/colleen-criss/
and and Face of photoLIFE 2009 Top 10 Finalist, soon after that I worked as OFA as publicist and went on to manage photoLIFE , sister company to OFA.

I also managed a Second Life Musician at this time and manager Twilight Blues and Jazz. http://tinyurl.com/lqfzn78

I met and partnered Toran Babenco in 09, we opened Babenco & Criss photography and videography, which we still operate and have enjoyed much success with.

After leaving photoLIFE I took on a partnership with LUMIPro that lasted 3 years and now having left that position , Toran and I created LumaLite. It’s a fabulous photography tool! I’m very excited for the future of this HUD which is enjoying some success. Like any new business it takes time and effort to build .

I’ve been a blogger of fashion, photography, art and music since 08. Spent some time dabbling in Second Life porn which also let me meet some terrific people, I do not spend much time in the porn world these days, keeping my eye on building LumaLite!

I have been fortunate to meet and work with some pretty awesome musicians, singers, artists,including Toran, and models since I landed in Second Life. I’ve also been a mentor and an educator, teaching at NCI Inc. for 2 years.

Some of my best times recently have been having the chance to work with BUSTed since 2011. 1st as a model and then as a photographer, with Maggie Bluxome , eventually moving into management with Rachel and Tara, not to mention each of the models I’ve had the pleasure to shoot have brought wonderful moments to my second life.

I love to take erotic photos! I don’t care what side of the camera I end up on 🙂 .


What made you think about designing the LumaLite?
The idea to create LumaLite was something Toran and I had talked about a few times , after pitching the idea to create something less expensive and being told I was ridiculous . 🙂 So upon leaving LUMIPro, Toran and decided it was time to bring this HUD to fruition.
As a photographer why should I buy LumaLite?
Because it’s awesome ! LOL Seriously, we all have known that windlights can make some fabulous lights but there are times when you just need a little more wow. Times when you shoot indoors or times when you are on a sim with a surround and wl is pretty useless. A photographer may just want to shoot in a studio setting or they may want to make all of SL their canvas, so put on the HUD and shoot the lighting you choose anywhere and everywhere!
Are you going to be adding more features? We are going to be adding more features. We are currently working on adding poses to the HUD, as well has pondering another whole new HUD with other features. We want everyone to enjoy the HUD and we want to remain conscious of price points and keeping LumaLite affordable to everyone.
To see the entire interview and photos as well as all the beautiful ladies, grab the latest issue. While you are there you can also grab any back issues you may have missed!

I want to congratulate BUSTed for recently for taking home the Adult Industry Award as best magazine. BUSTed is one of the most influential magazines on the adult scene and in the fashion industry, due to its special attention to a very sizable market of the beautiful busty and curvaceous ladies in Second Life. Busted, with this issue is taking a small hiatus till July. I can’t wait to see it back !

(Rachel Swallows & Bewitched Difference)

Grab a copy of your latest BUSTed here.


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