Dark Valentine

NEW Black Tulip @ Pose Me Amazing !

This Event is open February 10th and runs the month.

I’ve listened all over social media and you have a couple camps as far as this celebrated day of love goes. Some are very much *blah* and anti Valentine. Some are all excited and love the day.

Some celebrate it a BIT more darkly then others ! 🙂

dark val 1_001

I personally love Valentines Day.

dark val 2_001

It’s a good day to celebrate with your lover. OR

dark val 3_001

Gather friends or family we love , and shower them with chocolate ! OR 🙂 cheese.

dark val 4_001

OR You can go see 50 Shades of Grey ! *ducks*

dark val 5_001

Dark Valentine , 5 poses & mirrored.

Lighting by LumaLite !

Whatever you do on this day, have fun with it!


[e] Lasting 2 – Black 05 Elikapeka Tiramisu [elikatira]
**Dirty Princess**killer Burlesque Princess Top Hat
Pink Acid Sugar Lipstick – Deep Red
Eudora 3D Weston Pumps NoValentine (Materials)
:::Sn@tch Diva Lace Bodysuit ::: ( includes HUDs for SLINK,Wowmeh,Lolas Tangos,Cutie & Ghetto booty)
+:+WTG+:+ **CHIC** ( old 2011 Valentines Group Gift )


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