Retro Role Play ~ BUSTed ~ Fashion

Last night was the Grand Opening of Hard Alley’s Retroville.

I had such a great time! The sim is AMAZING! The DJ’s were spinning music from this period and the dress was totally too awesome. Your arrival spot is the *Gridhound* Bus Station, right across the street from the Social Club.

Your sim tp points are conveniently located here as well as the bus stops all around the sim.


The sim offers a residential area, a business district and shopping !

destination teleports_001

The shops are filled with all the things you will need for your RP Era. Some shops are still available if you create a retro line , stop over and grab a spot but be fast it’s filling quickly.

You must see this sim ! It is one I will visit often and the people here are really great fun!

It took a lot of hard work by some very hard working, talented people like builders Jaimy Hancroft, Tito DeVinna, and McChris Flanagan, and support and planning by Spirit, Jade and the Hard Alley staff.

If you recall Hard Alley’s history, Hard Alley is one of SL’s longest running sites, and the first, original dirty urban sex roleplay sim, is over after over 8 years.  Pretty successful run !

Quoted from the blog:

This is where YOU come in.

Retroville offers a fun, new, and different roleplaying opportunity. You’ve roleplayed pimps and hookers and sleazy bikers at Hard Alley and other sims, but can you roleplay a suburban housewife who’s secretly cheating on her husband with the Chief of Police? Can you roleplay the busy executive who’s staying late at the office for some board room fun with his secretary? Will you be the waitress at the diner who’s just trying to make ends meet by offering “special service” out back?

It’s up to you to make Retroville work. It won’t matter how pretty and well built the sim is if no one is there to enjoy it. Start thinking of your roles now!

BUSTed’s February Issue is out now too ! There is a good write up about Retroville and the photographers have out done themselves this month ! The models are beautiful and the magazine is filled with Designers who are at the top of their mesh game in appliers, designs, and fashion . Find the nearest kiosk ( there are hundreds of them ) or tap a staff member on the shoulder, they will be happy to send you a copy!

BOTH Retroville and BUSTed have been nominated for Adult Industry Awards 2015 and you can vote here !

And finally today ….. before I return you to your regularly scheduled Second Life….

Rebel Hope Designs announced :

Four new Gift items on the table at the front desk on the casual side of the store!


She has opened a discount store of mesh items at some great slashed prices. More items will be added monthly. You can find the discount store on the south end of the landing point.



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