It’s no Secret …

You need to have a pretty good rig to totally enjoy what the SL viewers have to offer graphic wise and often even the best rig will struggle with them.

Snapshot 3_001 (2)

One question I get over and over is, “but where are my shadows?” usually after this person has bought the hottest and newest photography gadget on the marketplace. So I go through standard questions list with them, beginning with can you set you graphics to Ultra ( although I can see shadows set to med ultra). If they answer no I have the unpleasant task of telling them , if you can not set to ultra this means you’re not going to get shadows until you upgrade your rigs graphics cards.

This does not mean you wasted lindens on your new gadget or even that you can’t still take a great SL photo! It does mean once you get a chance to upgrade the rig your gadget will do all it promised. Until then it can still be of good use to you.


Most of the last posts photos on this blog are *raw* SL photos, meaning I used no graphics programs I took them right out of SL and onto the blog as is. I shot them using only windlights and LumaLite (and shadows).

Gina Vicki_002

ballet_LumaLite 2

and no shadows, LumaLite and windlight.

The trick is to learn your windlights and your gadget and still shoot like a pro !

Hud DECEMBER 8working on complete 7

Often the difference between “That’s nice” and “Wow!” is a few easy steps and LumaLite provides that and more!

Check out some awesome photos done using LumaLite in the flickr group!


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