Quick Tip: Camera Angle Lock in Firestorm

Many thanks to Zee for this post ! I tried it , it worked ! Definitely a very helpful tip !


No More Pixorage! :D

I posted this last night before bed on my Flickr, Plurk, Tumblr and FB (purposely withholding my Tumblr and FB cos I can be childish there LOL but it’s not hard to find if you are so inclined!).

Someone told me to post this here too because some readers are not in any of those above. And because I’m syndicated, the probability of this info being seen and be useful to feed readers outweighs my original reason of “it’s just a small thing, not enough to warrant a post?”

But then I woke up to my inbox exploding so uhm, I guess this was a VERY useful info that not a lot of people knew about…haha.

Remember, I’m using Firestorm and as far as I know this is a FS only feature for now.

Camera Placement

Also worth noting: do you find the default camera placement in SL…

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