Virtual Sex in Second Life

I don’t normally use this blog for things like this but there are some really good discussions going on right now .

Google the words Virtual sex (About 81,000,000 results (0.26 seconds) or even sex ( About 1,900,000,000 results (0.41 seconds)  and see the numbers. Try Sex in Second Life ( About 272,000,000 results (0.33 seconds)

Sex sells .

Half of Second Life’s 50 Most Popular Sims Now Adult-Rated: A Lesson for Second Life 2

According to Louis Platini’s Metaverse Business, a Second Life analytics company that gathers publicly accessible in-world data for its clients, here’s the top 50 most popular sims in Second Life for last month, listed by their average visitor count, unique visitor range at any given period, and the sim’s rank the previous month. In September, this listing saw a very peculiar milestone, spotted for the first time since I’ve been referring to this data:

Half of the top 50 most popular Second Life sims are Adult-rated, so designated for extremely graphic sexual and violent content.

Should LL’s ban sexual content and sexual activity for Second Life and Second Life 2.0?

Do we even care?

I am pretty much adult content but not always, I enjoy many other things in Second Life. I visit G rated sims. I never limit my SL experience to just one thing. I have never seen a problem filtering things I did not want to see. Why is it that sex in SL is such an issue?

Linden Lab Official:Teens in Second Life

The Lab has age and rating restrictions in place. This used to rattle me because I 1. do not log in to babysit children and 2. Unless the avatars are providing some form of legal ID to verify age, it is just not my problem. Let the Lab sort it out.

Every time this discussion come about I am always amazed. It’s like *OMG sex* !!! Nuuuuuu. If sex in Second Life is not your thing set your maturity ratings to G, avoid it , find a platform , any platform that has no sex and go there. 🙂 After all it is YOUR World. You make it like you want it, yes? I never see any gasping about *OMG they are all G/PG* . Live and let live. Keep your activities legal and enjoy Your Second Life !

Tons of good dialogue going on right now and some really excellent insight from great bloggers.

Dropping some links that I’ve read and been following.

The Top Ten Video Game Sex Scenes 2014 Edition

Sex, Lies, And Video Games


3 thoughts on “Virtual Sex in Second Life

  1. “Why is it that sex in SL is such an issue?”

    /me gives Colleen a blank stare.
    Like everything in SL it is an issue because You make it so. Because in this selfmade world everything is as we build it, as we create it, as we imagine it. If you don’t wanna have an issue, don’t create it.
    See, in my 10+ years in SL I’ve been thru a lot, done a lot … and ignored a lot. Since years sex won’t happen to me, because I won’t let it happen. It’s not part of my SLife as long as I’m not ready to get back into the relationship and/or the shortlived fuckbuddy thing. That doesn’t mean I can’t and won’t blog about sexy stuff:
    Sex is fun, Colleen. At least it’s supposed to be. But calling it an issue? Only Americans and Muslims have issues with sex. A modern woman doesn’t wanna be any of those, so we have no issues.

    • 🙂 hello Orca and welcome to my blog, it’s nice to see you here.

      I think you misunderstood my stance about sex in SL. I have been pretty active in SL sex for a few years before stepping away from public sl sex just a few short years ago. I have been active in Pornstars, I have been a pole dancer . The post you are responding to was addressed to some heat that sex workers and sim were getting at that moment.

      I have zero issues with sex in either life . you will need to log in to see the porn if you are interested OR I’m sure if you check out this blog there may be some fragments of my lewd life there. . I’m also one of those big booty/boobs thick and juicy girls in SL. I’m sorry there was a misunderstanding or disconnect when you read this post.

      Again 🙂 , welcome to my blog and a little piece of my SL , I’m glad you found me!

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