It’s A Mesh Body Part Explosion ! UPDATED on WowMeh!

From head to toe and then some. Where do we even begin?

1st up Breasts !

From very small to all sizes in between! (Click pics for link to purchase)

Sold by: Aenea Christensen

Sold by: Kaliha Noel

Sold by: Uwanna Corkscrew

Sold by: Jun Wizardly

Sold by: Hemi Violet

The list is endless, this is what comes up in marketplace search for me . (Click it)

Then we have the booty’s !

Sold by: Ursula Luckless

3 sizes, something for everyone , demo available.

Sold by: GamerExpert

Sold by: Leanii

Sold by: Nines Ramsay

Sold by: CK Winx

Sold by: kalu Zerbino

This designer has a booty for all sizes and shapes ! I believe they also have breast implants at their main store.

Again the list is endless!

Blogs I follow for info on breast implants as well as booty’s .

Big Boobie Babes

Maggie Bluxome 

and of course as Editor of BUSTed Magazine I see a ton of breast info.

Click the pic to find the nearest Kiosk.

 You want a mesh head? They are out there too. Check these links.


SLink sells mesh heads, hands and feet (hands and feet for male and female).

That’s all for now ! Oh wait, no one more piece of new and interesting mesh !

Mesh Body that lets you keep your own wonderful unique face and can also use slink hands and feet !

See this blog for more on the mesh body ! 

WowMeh Liquid Mesh Body (video)

Happy shopping ! 


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