{Indyra} ~ NEW and Fab Shoes from Liaison Fashion

{Indyra} Aziza

Aziza Orchid

{Indyra} Aziza Orchid

Aziza Orchid2

5 fab fashions colors
Tango/Phat Azz HUDs included
Collars with or without Beads
can be worn with or without Tangos or Phat Azz

Aziza Orchid3

Includes one latex bra on the HUD.

{Indyra} Lola's HUD


Liaison Fashion
.50cal Extreme Heels are an add-on for Slink Womens High Barefeet. The shoes are fully mesh rigged with realistic rendered texturing.

Comes with a Hud for changing the accents textures and metals (16 texture options and 2 metal options for buckles).

Slink high Womens Barefeet are not included!


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