I’m Still Here !!

Holidays got me way off track and then 2 freak ice storms that shut my town down, literally! Several days with no power is just miserable! Some new projects in Second Life have kept me busy too. BUT…I am here !

So I think I”m going to give Berry’s Sexual Meme a shot.

Meme instructions: Answer the following sexual questions because I am a perv and want to know all about your sex lives. Don’t forget to leave a link to your post in the comments so I can perv all over your answers, multiple times.

1.) What is your sexual orientation or do you not like to label yourself?

I’m pretty open minded. 9 out of 10 encounters are usually male but yes, I have kissed a girl and I did like it.

2.) Name a physical attribute that you find attractive or sexy.

If I have to choose , 1st it would be eyes and then a great smile. You know the kind of smile that makes you smile back without thinking and it feels genuine.  I try to stay fit so I look for that as well.

3.) Are you promiscuous, a prude or in between?

I’m definitely NOT a prude . I am extremely picky. I think that happens as we get older and more comfortable with ourselves. We realize good sex starts long before we ever hit the floor!

4.) What turns you on?

When he is a gentleman all night long, charming, takes care of me and lets me know he is enjoying our time, and an animal when we find the sheets.

5.) Are you dominant or submissive?

Neither to be totally honest, but if I have to choose I will go with submissive mostly.

6.) Are you into sexual roleplay?

Totally IRL, yes. I like to experiment, I’m open to trying  new things. In SL , IF he is carrying his share of the RP, yes but if I’m doing all the work too ooo and ahh, I will pass.

7.) Which sexual position is your favorite?

You want JUST ONE? =) Me on top always works but that is not the only one!

8.) Do you have any fetishes?

Yes, I do.

9.) Have you or would you do porn, amateur or professional?

IRL just him and I and a camera, of course! As a profession IRL , no. In SL I am pretty active in the porn community. I’m linking my naughty sight but it’s NSFW so you are warned.

10.) Do you consider yourself sexy?

I consider myself sensual, defining me as sexy is someone elses job. =)

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