Wedding Season

Planning a Second Life Wedding?

As  wedding videographer and photographers , Babenco & Criss are always out looking for new, fun and exciting poses , props etc. If you have ever shot a Second Life Wedding Video or photos you are aware of how  poseballs can create unsightly issues for the video person/s. While we were out looking around for great poses and props we found this amazing system !

It’s from Special Moments. Truly a one stop shop for ALL your wedding needs, from props to poses to decor and more.

From their welcome :

Welcome to Special Moments Main Store & Wedding Venue!  Be sure to take a look around the sim and our wedding venue. Don’t forget to check out the clothing stores located in store!!   If you have any questions don’t hesitate to IM Electra Spearsong

Special Moments

If you are planning a wedding or you are a wedding planner, we highly recommend this system to you.

Elegant Bridesmaid & Proper Groomsman brought to you by Special Moments & MOCAP STUDIOS!

Total customization to suit your wedding party needs and HUD controlled, mo cap walks , no poseballs sticking out all around the venue and so easy to set up! Happy photographers, happy videographers and a clean beautiful wedding scene!

This system is on sale for half price at the moment. I do not know how long the sale will go on, so if you are a wedding venue owner/planner now is the time to update to the best system for weddings in Second Life.

Visit the Main Store now ! 


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